As Building Surveyors we are involved in a wide array of projects, not many of which could be classified as 'glamorous'.   Whilst that is probably true with this project as well; a dilapidated shed located on a sub-station in Penwortham, tucked away out of sight, it was still hugely rewarding.

As a profession, Building Surveyors are not always great at publicising our achievements and despite the pride we take in our work, it is an internal pride,  on the best projects, this is a pride that is shared by the client and wider delivery and stakeholder team. This project is a case of exactly that, an idea cooked up by the client on a chance meeting in a car park, led to the complete refurbishment of a dilapidated and disused shed, to create a flexible, modern working environment.

The project was an excellent example of re-purposing and making best use of what was available and will provide a long term saving to the client.  It shows the importance of understanding the wider estate and is an example of how the efficient utilisation of existing assets is key to enabling and facilitating a more flexible approach to working.

This project showed how much can be done and whilst it did require a capital investment, it will produce long term gains.  As Building Surveyors we should be shouting about projects such as this, as this is the way that we will attract more people in to the profession.  

Take pride in what we do, create a working relationship with key stakeholders which ensures that all involved share the same vision and even what on the surface is just a dilapidated shed, can be a truly rewarding project.